#1 cannot fail way to make me get even more aggressive about my stance on an issue is to suggest that I’m being overly emotional or that I should just calm down. 

No, fuck that noise. I’m allowed to be mad outside of my menstrual cycle. And within it. I’m allowed to be mad


I miss Ottawa so much I miss my parents and my friends I don’t wanna be an adult I wanna be a big whiney baby forever 

I will see you at christmas my love! We can be whiny babies together in the ottawa snow! 

Tweens is such a cool band, I really hope I get to see them again one day

My advertising prof is making is life so much harder and he doesn’t even realize it yet.

Talking about mad men? Talking about how women’s bodies are used “strategically” to sell products?

Brace yourself, dude. Because I am full of rage and ready to be the best participant you’ve ever had.